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Coaching clients through their unique and practical wellness “map” on the time-honored Enneagram to live a more empowered life, where they are safe, happy and awakened to their life’s direction is among my greatest joys!


Not driving your “driving energies” or “emotional passions”? Not clear what keeps you in “the gunk?” Dig in to an Enneagram consult with Rosemary Hurwitz  and start to watch your spirit soar within the gift, yes I said, the gift that is your personality! Somewhere in there you know how to live resourcefully, passionately, with strong connection to your spirit.

You just forgot.


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See my piece, “The Call” in new inspirational book, No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance, Hampton Roads/Hierophant Publishing Spring 2013 Authors, Rosemary Hurwitz

"Beyond the complexities of the mind resides the simplicity and beauty of the heart. Rosemary Hurwitz holds a deep and sophisticated understanding of the Enneagram and its personality types. She has a poetic way of interweaving this complex psychological system into practical ways for living a meaningful and purposeful life. I highly recommend her services to anyone searching to discover their truth."

- Dr. Darren Weissman
Developer of The LifeLine Technique and Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

From Rosemary's blog...

Today’s YES! Enneagram Type One, the Good Reformer

Enneagram Type One, The Good Reformer is Today’s YES! It is not always my problem, re -forming can simply mean letting go.

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